The Advantages of a VSAT Network

  1. A VSAT Network can be provided through a lease arrangement with fixed transmission costs regardless of distance. This provides for substantial communication cost savings.
  2. The user retains complete control of the way information is communicated within the network. This generates flexibility, particularly where new VSAT sites need to be added, or existing sites need to be moved or removed from the network.
  3. High availability and excellent transmission quality is provided by the VSAT Network. VSAT Networks also guarantee the highest performance levels (99.5%) among all communication alternatives.
  4. VSAT Networks provide fast data transmission for POS applications to improve customer service.
  5. VSATs can be installed anywhere the business has a site irrespective of the terrestrial communications infrastructure.
  6. VSAT Networks offer – a single vendor for equipment service, installation & maintenance of the entire network.
  7. VSAT Networks offer superior flexibility and performance. Adding a site is quick and easy, and higher network availability levels are easy to obtain.
  8. VSAT as a broadcast medium supports business objectives to improve customer service and quality. Reliable data broadcast, audio broadcast for in-site music and video broadcast for sales training are all available on a single platform.
  9. Prices of VSAT Networks compete favorably against terrestrial alternatives including dial-up. The costs are predictable and stable.
  10. VSAT Networks can be secured with VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) using industrial strength encryption.