HOW IT WORKS - Qantsat

The always-on technology that won’t let you down,

Wherever you are, whatever the weather…

Our broadband service is delivered by satellite. That means that if you can see the sky from where you live, we can deliver fast broadband there already.

We don’t need fiber, we don’t need copper wires, we don’t even need mobile phone masts. Our broadband already covers the whole of the UK with fast reliable broadband now.

Getting satellite broadband is now great value and simple. A small (74cm) dish is installed outside and a single cable connects to an indoor modem – that’s it – all over in 1-2 hours. Where we provide hardware as a part of our monthly service charge, it means that we will always be responsible for it and either repair it or replace it free of charge if it breaks-down.

Getting it installed

We offer up to 20Mbps download speed with a data package to suit your needs. Because satellite uses completely different technology to BT and the ADSL network, it doesn’t suffer from problems like being too far from an exchange or an ageing network.