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Satellite Internet works in much the same manner as satellite TV: The concept of geosynchronous orbiting satellites is central to the operation of satellite Internet. Simply, this means that the satellite must be placed in an orbit above the equator at a distance of about 22,300 miles. At this location, the satellite will orbit at the same pace as the earth rotates. This enables your home satellite dish to constantly remain in contact with the orbiting satellite.

When you request a specific website from your home computer, it is transmitted through your modem to your satellite dish, then to the orbiting satellite, then to the operations centre, which in turn sends the Web site info back to the orbiting satellite, then back to your home dish, through your modem, and finally to your computer. After traveling about 90,000 miles, you finally see the website you requested, all in a fraction of a second!!! This minuscule delay is known as Latency, which does not affect normal Internet browsing, e-mail, etc. In summary, it is a technological marvel how fast the process happens.

The complete Satellite Internet “system” is composed by:

  • Your home satellite dish.
  • A modem that translates signals received from your home satellite dish that can be used by your home computer

  • Your home computer.
  • The orbiting satellite that receives/transmits data.
  • Your Internet service provider’s operation centre (which includes massive satellite dishes).